Who is Guilty?


On the May 29 Smackdown episode, Elias was hit by a car and was allegedly blamed on Jeff Hardy. Many thought that Sheamus and King Corbin had something to do with it because of their loss in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. It was later determined that the authorities were looking for red hair and a red-bearded man who ran away from the scene. In such, people were quickly jumping into the conclusion that Sheamus, who fits the description, is guilty and that he created this mess.

In defense for Sheamus, he did not admit any wrongdoing. He believed Hardy was in denial and had a relapse. Sheamus' face expression changed when he sent out a doctor to test Hardy before having an official match for Backlash. Despite getting urine all over him by Hardy, the doctor approached Sheamus while cleaning himself and informed him about the negative test. Sheamus was surprised and upset.

Sheamus' behavior does not seem like a type of person to stage a crime scene. He is the Celtic Warrior and has no business to step so low and be out of character. Who else fits that description?

Sami Zayn, "The Untouchable," last wrestled at WrestleMania 36 and defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He made one more appearance before deciding not to participate in any storyline or match reputedly. WWE decided to vacate the championship and selected eight superstars in a tournament match. Being stripped of the title can affect a person like Zayn in many ways. There is news of people losing their positions and jobs that result in violence. In this case, the storyline is substantial because the actual workplace did not take proper precautions when taking away something valuable, such as stripping a title from a superstar. Therefore, we had Elias injured in the accident and Hardy being framed.

Rumors in the Wrestling Community are predicting Zayn will return soon. Zayn has made Tweets about getting back his title. How will all this play out? How can anyone determine who is guilty? A consolidated men's soap opera is about to happen to feature Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, and Sami Zayn with A.J. Styles in the middle of it. Two months from now, the story will rise again with the return from Elias.

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