Who is making decision in Smackdown?


Phillipa Marie, an analyst from Sportskeeda, wrote an excellent article about five signs that WWE Smackdown could have a secret authority figure. Adam Pearce is a WWE Producer who somehow performs a role as a General Manager. Vince McMahon has not appointed anyone as a General Manager in Raw or Smackdown. Only William Regal is a GM in NXT. Furthermore, Sonya Deville returned from a long absence to a new role as Adam Pearce's assistant. According to Talking Smack, Deville aims to manage the women's division. Since Pearce and Deville are technically just WWE officials, who are pulling strings? I agree with Marie and would like to add more to the writers' findings.

Marie asked, "Who gave Adam Pearce the power to make official WWE decisions?" Technically, there is no episode that we have seen anyone delegate Pearce to make decisions. When Pearce came on the show, it seemed as if he was head of security. As the weeks went by, Pearce received more responsibilities. Vince McMahon went on the show before WWE Packback and gave Pearce a task to complete. From there, Pearce took the wheel.

Marie asked, "What role will Sonya Deville play in running WWE Smackdown?" I find it hard to see Deville not dressed for a match. I agreed that the tag team with Mandy Rose had to be done because both superstars can succeed as singles competitors. At least, I thought that would be the right direction. Mandy Rose went to Raw to tag team with Dana Brooks, and Deville is not an authority. Deville came on Talking Smack and made it known she was an authority figure who would create change. However, the timing could not be perfect. As Deville is starting to learn her new role, Pearce is in a dilemma with Roman Reigns. Could Deville be a spy and overwatch Pearce's move? Or is Deville taking orders from someone to create a storyline? I know that it is never good when you have two people collaborating in an authority position.

"Adam Pearce revealed that he was "taking orders" last week on WWE Smackdown?" I agree that the statement Pearce stated to Owens seemed suspicious. However, there can be two possibilities in this scenario. First, The Tribal Chief may have already spoken to Pearce on how to run Smackdown. When Reigns found out that there was a match between Uso and Owens, he was agitated. He felt disrespected as Pearce should have known better to schedule a match without his permission. Second, could it be a superstar or a legend pulling strings, forcing Pearce to do what he is doing? After all, WrestleMania is only a few months away, and Roman Reigns is the "head of the Table."

"Who did Paul Heyman ask to add WWE Official Adam Pearce to the Gauntlet match?" This is a great question. I would like to know who that person could be. There are only two people to come to mind (and I am going out of the ballpark here). The two people I can only think of are Brock Lesnar or CM Punk. Yes, I know CM Punk would be the last person to mention as he has not stepped foot in WWE since January 2014, Royal Rumble. Both superstars are associated with Paul Heyman. And if we know Heyman, he is a sneaky guy. Triple H is the only other man who may have an itch to return to the ring if it is not them.

The last question Marie asked, and it was number 1, "WWE's Twitter made it seem as though the decision could be overturned." Either it is Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shane, McMahon, or the combination of them together.

We are three weeks away from the Royal Rumble. The road to WrestleMania begins at the finale of the pay per view. There are just so many questions that need to be answered. Who is pulling strings? Who do you think is handling all the real decisions? Leave your comments below.

Credit: Sportskeeda analyst, Phillipa Marie

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