Who is the champ?


At Extreme Rules, Sasha Banks left the show with the Raw Women's Championship belt. The real question is - Did she win it? Does Bayley have the right to take the shirt away from the referee and make herself an official to give Banks the victory?

Asuka and Banks had the match of the night until the ending. Bayley attempted to find the way to give Banks an edge while Kairi Sane attended Asuka at the ring's side. When Asuka got back up to engage with Banks, The Boss moved out the way and Asuka sprayed green mist at referee Eddie Orengo. Bayley took the initiative to remove Orengo's referee shirt, wear it as an official, and win to Banks.

WWE has been very quiet about posting this topic on their website. This could have been the plan all along for WWE to create viewership. If so, it is working. Mix emotions are gearing up on social media as to who is the legit champion. The WWE website has Asuka as the Raw Women's Champion. Hopefully, tonight, there should be clarity as to who the winner is.

Will an authority start the show and address the issue (Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, or Triple H)? There needs to be a WWE representative to take control of this matter.

Prediction: Asuka and Sasha Banks rematch for the main event on Monday Night Raw.