Will Mysterio revenge on Reigns?


Last Friday, Roman Reigns expected the Usos to deliver and bring him the Smackdown Tag Team titles. He made it clear that the family was watching. During the first match, the referee did not position himself to see that Jimmy's shoulder was off the mat while Dominik pinned him. The Usos went back to Reigns arguing the controversial call but Reigns did not have it. Instead, Reigns wanted the Usos to finish the job by the end of the night. Somehow, the match was set and made official by Adam Pierce.

In the main event, the Usos seemed to be out-matched, leading Reigns to interfere and assault the Mysterios. He merged out of nowhere and commenced a brutal attack. At the end, Reigns placed Dominik in a guillotine. Jimmy took offense to Reigns' action and stated that was enough and left the ring.

While many wanted to believe that Jimmy Uso would confront Reigns for a possible match, it is far off. At the beginning of Smackdown, Jimmy reminded Reigns that he had already acknowledged him as "Head of the Table." Therefore, Jimmy may disagree with Reigns but still believes in family. Jimmy's goal is to be Smackdown Tag Team champion. However, that may be a delay. With Reigns attacking the Mysterios and what he did to Dominik, I would not be surprised that Rey Mysterio will go after Reigns. A father will do anything to protect and defend their son at any given moment. Expect next Friday for Rey to confront Reigns with Paul Heyman intercepting. I will expect Reigns and Mysterio booked for Hell in a Cell.

The Usos may have to wait to get their hands on the tag team titles once Reigns finishes with Rey.

Do you believe Roman Reigns will defend the Universal title to Rey Mysterio? Or will the Usos have a tag team championship match with the Mysterios? Leave your comments below.