Will the Latin World Order Rise Again?


The LWO - Latin World Order - debuted on October 5, 1998.  It was led by the late Eddie Guerrero.  The intent was to mock the famous NWO or New World Order.  Significant events has happened from this past Monday.  Dominick Mysterio, son of "The Legend" Rey Mysterio, took a beating from Seth Rollins and Murphy.  Dominick was left lifeless in the middle of the ring.  Mysterio sounded off his frustration on Twitter as you can see below. 

"Ese cabron paga por que PAGA!"

Andrade and Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar responded to Mysterio's outcry.  Could this be an opportunity to form the LWO?  WWE is fixated with "faction" so another addition would not be so bad.  One thing is for sure, these Latino superstars have their own agenda.  However, when it comes to the family, they are all the same.  Should the Latinos of WWE collaborate together and challenge The Monday Night Messiah, it would be all of Seth Rollins doing, "for the greater good!"