Will these Superstars return?


In a recent article from WrestlingNews.co, Vince McMahon's emotions has been an uprising confidence with the move to Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, and a new feature added to the broadcast called, Thunderdome.  

"Vince thinks it might take a few weeks to get back the fans that we lost but when they realize we are out of the Performance Center and they see how cool the shows look, they will be back. He thinks the numbers can get back to where they were in February and early March."

There is speculation that certain superstars could make a return to the television platform and help raise ratings for both Raw and Smackdown.  Here are the names:

Brock Lesnar - He last wrestled at WrestleMania 36.  There is no mention that he will participate in Summerslam 2020.  Lesnar has appeared in eight straight Summerslams upon his return to WWE.  Could he make a surprise appearance and keep his streak alive?  

Roman Reigns - Reigns last wrestled on February 28, 2020 in a dark match with King Corbin.  He decided not to wrestle at Wrestlemania due to COVID 19 concerns, putting his family health first.  

Sami Zayn - On march 25, 2020, Zayn successfully retained the Intercontinental Championship by pinning Daniel Bryan.  There was news circulating in the wrestling community that Zayn decided to stay away from the Performance Center due to concerns about the spread of the virus.  Zayne had to relinquish the title.  This action led AJ Styles to won the vacant Intercontinental Championship Tournament.  

Lars Sullivan - more about Sullivan in this blog

Elias - Elias suffered a pectoral muscle injury and could not compete in the vacant Intercontinental Championship Tournament.  In the storyline, he was struck by a car.  There is no indication on who is the suspect that committed such hatred crime.  Sheamus stated that he had no involvement which led to speculation that Sami Zayn, who also fit the description of being a red head, could a person of interest.  Elias return to battle Sami Zayn would be a dream match to see.  

Daniel Bryan -  Bryan lost to AJ Styles in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament finals.  He has a new born child with Brie Bella so it is hard to determine if he would return soon.  

Austin Theory - He has been a mystery.  He was last seen on television on June 17, 2020 and was one of The Monday Night Messiah's disciples.  According to Dave Meltzer, Theory is serving an unannounced suspension.  It is hard to believe about a suspension when WWE normally post suspension about their superstars like recent superstars Samoa Joe and Andrade.  

Bo Dallas - Back in 2019, Dallas mentioned that he would take time away from WWE to find himself again.  There is speculation that Bo Dallas will make his return with a new gimmick as the nicer brother of "The Fiend."  

The WWE Universe may be in a world of surprises for this year's Summerslam.  The motto of the event is "You'll Never See It Coming."  Would one of these superstars appear this Sunday?  Join the HHWShow Podcast Kickoff Show this Sunday at 6 PM ET on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.