Winning Odds at the Royal Rumble 2024


If you are planning to start betting or use numbers in podcast or fantasy tournaments, it is essential to understand the odds.  Placing lottery numbers of the Royal Rumble requires having enough knowledge and ability to interpret various formats on the royal rumble.  Of course, there is the lineup and the order of precedents in which the superstars draw to enter the royal rumble.  Which numbers of the royal rumble can make the final four and win the royal rumble?  It is everybody's guess!  Here are the key takeaways when placing your final four lottery number or choosing the number for the men's royal rumble.  

The most appearance in the final four: 

1. Number 30 ---17 times

2. Number 28 ---14 times

3. Number 29---13 times

The most wins in the royal rumble:

1. Number 30---5 times

2. Number 27---4 times

3. Number 1---3 times

The most runner ups:

1. Number 30---7 times

2. Number 29---4 times

3. Number 26---3times

The most to finish in third:

1. Number 28---5 times

2. Numbers 23, 29, and 30---3 times

3. Numbers 1, 21, and 22---2 times

The most to finish fourth:

1. Number 28---6 times

2. Number 29---4 times

3. Numbers 19 and 20---3 times

The only numbers in the royal rumble entry that has never placed in the final four are 9 and 12.