Women Royal Rumble Favorites


On January 27, 2020, the WWE brands (Raw, Smackdown, NXT) combined to give another epic event that left people out of their seats.  For the women's division, it was the third event of their involvement and debatable of being one of the best of the three.  Charlotte Flair won the Royal Rumble but it was the superstars like, Bianca Belair, Shayna Bazler, Alexa Bliss, and more that raised the bar for others to follow.  Royal Rumble 2021 will more than likely be different.  There will not be over 48,000 fans in attendance, nobody knows where the event will happen; however, the show will go on and one has to wonder, who will be the favorite?  Here is my take on the Women's Royal Rumble for this January:

1. Charlotte Flair should return to the ring just in time for the Royal Rumble.   Last year, she won the match but the outcome was not as good as people wanted to be.  She decided to choose then-NXT Champion Rhea Ripley.  Ripley was on fire and I still believe she would had her WrestleMania moment if it wasn't for the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The WWE Universe wanted Ripley to win and not have Charlotte to match with Becky Lynch or Bayley again.  I strongly believe that when Charlotte returns, she will help elevate superstars around her.  

2. Bianca Belair is the most deserving superstar to be a world champion.  She set the record with the most elimination in one night before being eliminated by Charlotte in the Royal Rumble.  Belair has been commended my her peers, legends, and gain a lot of attention with the WWE Universe.  Her moment to be the champion is near.  

Somehow, she is not in the picture to feud with anyone.  Belair has done so much in NXT that her call up to the main roster has not shown her real talent.  She deserves better and I hope she gets the push that she needs.  

3. Shayna Baszler stood face-to-face with Charlotte as being the only two left in the ring in the Royal Rumble. Many believed Baszler would taken the torch, win, and battle Becky Lynch.  Instead, Charlotte eliminated her.  However, the dream match continued with Lynch.  Baszler finds herself as a tag team champion with Nia Jax.  Although it looks fitting now, Baszler needs to disengage with Jax and find her way back to singles competition where she benefitted as a strong heel.  Yes, her vampire scenario with Lynch did not seem logic or necessary.  For now, Bazler is not the favorite until she goes solo.  

4. Alexa Bliss is now the female version of the Fiend.  It does not make sense for her to participate in the Royal Rumble.  I would hope that before the Royal Rumble, that Bliss will hold the Raw Women's Championship.  That would allow Asuka to participate in the Royal Rumble.  

5. Speaking about Asuka, she did not participate in the Royal Rumble PPV.  I do expect her to either defend her title or be involved in the Royal Rumble.  Asuka won the event back in 2018.  

6. Rhea Ripley is said to be the most favorite to win Royal Rumble 2021.  If so, it would make up for 2020.  Ripley did not have her WrestleMania moment in which other superstars experienced and shared in their documentary.  There is a strong chance she will be able to live up to those expectations and create a storyline as to what happened in 2020 and what she is looking for in 2021.  Should this be a scenario, I would rather see Ripley have her WrestleMania rematch with Charlotte Flair.  In addition, Charlotte will have to defeat Asuka.  

7. Ember Moon is a former NXT Women's champion.  She is the superstar that fought hard to recover from her injuries.  She is back in NXT and is doing so well.  Moon has been the top superstar in all Sports Entertainment.  Pro Wrestling Illustrated has voted her each year as the top female superstar since 2012, ranking no lower than 37.  Moon can be a difference maker and win the battle royal and more likely chase for the Smackdown Women's Championship.  

My top 3 picks for Royal Rumble winner are:

Bianca Belair, Ember Moon, and Rhea Ripley

Who is your favorite women's superstar to win the Royal Rumble 2021?