Women's Intercontinental Championship: Round 1 Part 2 of 3


Welcome back to the Inaugural Women's Intercontinental Championship Fantasy Tournament. If you missed part 1 of 3, click in the parenthesis (PART 1 of 3). Here is Round 1, Part 2 of 3 of the fantasy tournament.

Round 1 Part 2 of 3

Opening Match is the Fatal 4 Way

Emma (Australia)

Bayley (USA)

Scarlett (USA)

Amari Miller (USA)

In this match, Emma and Bayley are the only two with numerous matches. During the NXT run, Bayley became champion and dominated Emma. In 2019 Emma defeated Bayley and other female superstars in a 5-way elimination match. Scarlett and Amari Miller have few matches to compare and no history within each other.

Bayley wins.

Six Pack Challenge

This card starts with Elektra Lopez vs Fallon Henley. Followed by Wendy Choo, Dani Palmer, Roxanne Lopez, and Xia Li

Lopez defeated Henley

Lopez defeated Choo

Lopez defeated Palmer

Perez defeated Lopez

Perez defeated Li

Roxanne Perez wins.

Triple Threat match

Ronda Rousey (USA)

Nikki Cross (Scotland)

Shotzi (USA)

This match may strongly favor Ronda Rousey. However, Rousey has never won a triple-threat match in three tries. Shotzi is 0-for-2. Nikki Cross has eight wins and 15 losses. The majority of her wins come as a world champion. Cross pins Shotzi with Rousey's mishap in the ring.

Nikki Cross wins.

Fatal 5-way Elimination

B Fab (USA)

Dakota Kai (New Zealand)

Carmella (USA)

Blair Davenport (New Zealand)

Kiana James (USA)

This is the first where two New Zealand natives are battling in the same ring. Kai has been the most upcoming superstar while in NXT. Davenport has been a world champion in five wrestling promotions, including WWE. James has just begun her journey with the WWE since 2022. B-Fab is an extraordinary athlete but is surrounded by Hit Row.

On the other hand, Carmella is more of a veteran who has accomplished the most in WWE. She is a former Smackdown Champion, Money in the Bank winner, 24-7, and tag team champion.

According to PWI rankings, in 2919, Davenport ranked higher than the following superstars in this match.

Blair Davenport wins.

Triple threat Main event

Tiffany Stratton (USA)

Zelina Vega (USA)

Candice LeRay (USA)

Vega and LeRay had a history in NXT. LeRay is undefeated in singles competition against Vega. Stratton is the odd but upbringing superstar ready to dominate. She is the current NXT Champion. However, LeRay can outsmart the match because she has been wrestling since 2004.

Statistically, only Stratton has ever won a triple-threat match.

Tiffany Stratton wins.