Women's Intercontinental Championship: Semifinals


Sixty-two female superstars started the fantasy tournament.  Two full rounds and now there are four superstars remaining in the semifinals. Winner of each match advances to the finals.  

Raquel Rodriguez vs Liv Morgan

Raquel and Liv have so much history together.  They both are a two-time tag team champions.  Both these superstars are ranked in the PWI rankings.  Both started in the background of WWE performance center and worked their way to the main roster.  However, back in January 13, 2023, on Smackdown, it was Raquel defeating Liv by pinfall.  All this happened before becoming tag team partners.  

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Alba Fyre vs Rhea Ripley

Alba Fyre was originally Kay Lee Ray in NXT UK.  She overcame so many obstacles on one event back in 2019.  Fyre competed and won over 11 other superstars in a battle royal that included Rhea Ripley.  That was a big push for her to become champion two months later by defeating Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women's Championship.  

Rhea Ripley has been NXT UK Champion, NXT Women's Champion, and currently a WWE Women's Champion.  Although Rhea could strongly be the favorite in this match, Fyre has more fire and experience wrestling in 19 different wresting promotions in 9 years.  

Winner:  Alba Fyre

The winner of this tournament will be announced on Saturday, after Summerslam.  Tune in to the HHWShow Podcast.