WWE and The Entertainment


It has been reported and published by many wrestling websites that WWE won't be holding a slate of TV tapings. The company plans to return to live television at an unknown time. RAW, NXT, and Smackdown will air live events from Orlando, Florida. While many will speculate the dates on when they will go live, only those close to Vince McMahon know what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Fightful received the news that Vince McMahon was "very aggressive" in deciding to go live. A contract agreement with USA and FOX that their television broadcast needs to be a live event. I am curious about this decision because all significant sports have canceled or postponed without penalties. With all the drama about XFL canceling their brand, for the time being, I believe the decision is hasty, and the concern the financial aspect could lead to the decision.

Overall, we have to thank WWE for their efforts in entertaining the world while we are going through difficult times. WWE has a history of doing what they do better than any organization. We can go as far back to September 11, 2001, an attack on The United States. The World Trade Center collapsed, The Pentagon struck, and a plane crashed in Pennsylvania that was suppose to target the White House.

Its been 18 years and seven months since the incident, and WWE continues to entertain. They travel around the world to include combat zones (Iraq and Afghanistan). They perform for the troops knowing that there were dominant dangers.

Today, we face the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of the report from others, we have to thank the WWE for what they are doing. They continue to entertain and sacrifice their time away from home.