WWE Announce Bruce Prichard to take lead on RAW and Smackdown


WWE announced that they will consolidate Raw and Smackdown into one group led by Bruce Prichard.  Paul Heyman will be concentrating in his role as an in-ring performer.  What does this mean for the two shows?  Summerslam is around the corner and one marquee superstar will be returning soon.  

Brock Lesnar was last seen at WrestleMania 36 where he lost the title to Drew McIntyre.  With Summerslam coming up, Lesnar is fixing to make his return.  It will be his ninth consecutive appearance which will allow Paul Heyman to hit the ring and cause raucous and turbulence in either for the WWE Championship or WWE Universal Title.  

Prediction: Should Bobby Lashley defeat Drew McIntyre, it will setup the dream match "Lashley & Lesnar."  If not, the storyline can result in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship (McIntyre, Lesnar, and Lashley).  

If Lesnar goes to Smackdown, it would be either Braun Strowman or The Fiend for the Universal Championship.  

Lesnar is a main event (part-time) superstar that will headline Summerslam. 

In regards to Bruce Prichard handling both shows, this is a temporary move because all the WWE shows are located in the WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida.  Once the superstars are able to travel and perform at arenas or centers, either Heyman returns to take lead in Raw or another person will fill in the void.  

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