WWE are full of surprises


The WWE are a full of surprises.  Just when you anticipate something is going to happen, it does not and leaves the WWE Universe disappointed.  But when you do not expect it, it is breaking news and the WWE Universe are fired up.  In this case, The Rock made his presence at Friday Night Smackdown.  He will take Cody Rhodes' place and challenge Roman Reigns for the head of the table and most likely the Universal Championship.  With Rhodes following the counsel, family, and immediate friends, Rhodes can address Seth Rollins as his opponent at WrestleMania.  

Another factor is to be considered.  In 1977, Dusty Rhodes faced WWE Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham in a championship match at Madison Square Garden.  Rhodes won the match by count out.  Dusty celebrated with the fans with the championship belt believing he did it.  However, the referee soon informed him that he cannot win the belt by count out.  You must pin or submit your opponent.  The reference of the match has been expressed several times since Cody returned to the WWE.  

What if Cody defeats Seth Rollins at WrestleMania?  Imagine that Rhodes celebrated his victory and then, El SeƱor Monday in the Bank, Damian Priest, rushes down the ring and cashes in for the win.  Only Seth Rollins has chased in at WrestleMania in WWE history.  History has a way to repeat itself again.  

Bayley will be set to challenge Iyo Sky for the Women's championship.  She will be outnumbered.  Although Bayley has made enemies since creating Damage CTRL, could she create another faction and eliminate Damage CTRL?  Only two superstars that come to mind are Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler.  

Bron Breaker will decide on Monday Night Raw which WWE brand to choose.  Breaker made a huge impact at the Royal Rumble.  He eliminated Omos. An Intercontinental Championship can be best fitting for Breaker.  The current champion, Gunther, has defeated most of the competition in both brands (Raw and Smackdown).  

What are your thoughts? What more surprises can you predict as the time gets closer to WrestleMania?