WWE Champion and WBC Heavyweight Champion Offer Challenge


Tyson Fury calls out Drew McIntyre for a match via tweet. Drew McIntyre responded that he is no ordinary chump. In such, Drew may have been referring to Braun Strowman. The Gyspy King defeated The Monster Among by way of count-out at Crown Jewel 2019. Fury knocked him out in which Strowman was not able to get back inside the ring before the referee counted to ten.

McIntyre sustained a severe hairline jaw fracture by Randy Orton. The timing of Fury to offer a challenge is impeccable. Presumably, Fury will defend his WBC title against Deontay Wilder on December 19 in Las Vegas. The match winner's winner must defend the title versus a future number one contender in the weight class.

As for Drew McIntyre, he needs to recover from his injuries and be ready to defend the title at Clash of Champions. The question remains, "Who will Drew square off against?" Randy Orton attacked Drew, and there is an assumption that he would be the challenger. However, Orton lost to Keith Lee at Payback.