WWE Draft 2020 Part 1


1st Round

Drew McIntyre remains on WWE Raw

Roman Reigns remains on WWE Smackdown

Asuka remains on WWE Raw

Seth Rollins moves to WWE Smackdown

The Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander) on Raw.

 After the first round, while many may predict about wanting to see Roman reigns and The Rock for Wrestlemania, could we see Seth Rollins vs, Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship?  That will be a dream match waiting to happen.  Both superstars have shared the ring together 403 times.  The last time they had a singles competition was on February 18, 2018 in a gauntlet match on Monday Night Raw. And, we know the famous MITB cash in when Seth Rollins won the WWE Championship over Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31.  Let us see what happens for the future. 

Big E defeated Sheamus

This was an epic battle that was a must see TV.  At the end, the picture speaks louder than words.  

Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso for Hell in the Cell PPV

Roman Reigns repeated his message stating he loves his cousin, the family, and all.  He wanted to help Jey rise up and main event to make more money.  The only things Roman wants is for Jey to recognize him as the Tribal Chief.  At Hell in the Cell, the stipulation is an "I Quit" match.  

2nd Round

AJ Styles goes to Raw

Sasha Banks remains on Smackdown

Naomi heads to Raw

Bianca Belair heads to Smackdown

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler heads to Smackdown

The rumor speculating is now official.  AJ Styles heads to Raw.  The rumor is that Styles does not get along with Paul Heyman.  This was a way to separate them because of the dismissal/release of The O.C.s.  Styles has an opportunity to chase the WWE Championship as he did on Smackdown long ago and challenge Drew McIntyre.  That would make an epic match. 

Banks remaining on Smackdown determines that her and Bayley will collide for the title.  But, you better watch out with Belair.  She is high on her popularity and can steal and be the head superstar on Smackdown.  I expect Belair to be Champion in a WrestleMania event.  

The tag team champions Jax and Baszler moved to Smackdown but they can defend their titles at any brand.  I expect them to break up soon and go straight to singles competition.  

Matt Riddle & Jeff Hardy defeated Miz & Morrison

After the match, Lars Sullivan returns to television and attacks everyone in the ring.  As a result to Sullivan, he is forgiven of all wrongdoing from his past.  

3rd Round

Ricochet remains on Raw

Jey Uso remains on Smackdown

Mandy Rose remains on Raw

Dominic and Rey Mysterio moves to  Smackdown

The Miz & John Morrison moves to Raw

Ricochet will still feud with The Hurt Business.  Uso and Reigns will continue what they did not finish on the last PPV.  The Mysterios move only means that the storyline from Raw moves to Smackdown with Seth Rollins.  Lastly, Miz and Morrison move to Raw.  I expect The Heavy Machinery to move to Raw as well and join Mandy Rose.  

Bayley and Sasha Banks ended in DQ

As expected, this match ended the way it did to save the real result for a PPV event.  I would had expected Banks to win since Bayley won the title last year against Charlotte on Draft Day 2019.  However, this is the 2020 and all eyes and attendance need to be on a PPV event on the WWE Net work.  Therefore, expect more promos between these two superstars leading up to Hell in the Cell.  

The New Day defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Surprisingly, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods return for action.  They brought back the swag and marked their comeback in one singles match.  Kington hit Trouble in Paradise and Woods followed up with a huge flying elbow drop to get the win and become the record breaking 9 -time world tag champions.

After the match, Stephanie McMahon announced that the New Day will move to Raw accept Big E.  He remains on Smackdown.  Dana Brooke stay on Raw.

Otis remains on Smackdown

Angel Garza stays on Raw.  

The Fiend defeated Kevin Owens