WWE Queen of the Ring


In 2019, Baron Corbin defeated Chad Gable in the finals to become King of the Ring.  During that time, there were discussions about what if WWE started a women's tournament to determine the Queen.  Charlotte Flair is a prime example since she calls herself, The Queen, without going through the process as the men do during the King of the Ring Tournament.  

According to Wresting INC, WWE is planning to host a Queen of the Ring Tournament this year.  The women in the main roster will be involved and will be broadcasted on Peacock.  While the assumption of many wrestling podcasters and media personnel set on Charlotte Flair winning, keep in mind that there are now more female superstars entering the main roster who have matched or exceeded Charlotte's level.  

Note:  It is about time that the tournament will happen. I do wonder how many participants will enter the tournament.