WWE Raw 01.11 Review


Triple H opened the show to welcome all the viewers.  However, Randy Orton interrupted with his appearance.  Orton believed that Triple H would make an announcement to benefit him for a WWE Championship but backfired.  Both legends stood toe-to-toe until Orton got into the Cerebral Assassins' skin.  A potential match could happen later in the night.

Drew McIntyre announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.  He does not have the symptoms but made it clear that everyone should be cautious because it can happen to anyone.  

Lacey Evans defeated Charlotte Flair

It is a turning point between Charlotte and her Dad, Ric Flair.  Flair was suppose to be home but surprised everyone with his entrance during the match.  Flair helped Evans win her match by pulling her leg to the ropes.  That stopped a three count from the referee.  Charlotte was stunned by her dad's action.  While she called Evans a whore and yelling at her dad to go home, Flair disregarded her request.  Flair went on to make Charlotte fall from a suplex maneuver and prevented Charlotte to use the ropes to stop the count.  Evans wins and hugs Ric Flair.  

I see this rivalry continuing all the way to the Royal Rumble.  I expect Evans to enter the Royal Rumble and have a scenario with Charlotte.  In the meantime, Charlotte will have a side promo about her dad and maybe include Asuka, her other half of the tag team champions.  On the other side, Rick Flair may get lucky in the hotel.

Rubric: 3

Jaxson Ryker defeated Jeff Hardy

Ryker wins by Elias' interference.  However, Ryker took advantage with Hardy's fashion by holding on to his pants for the pin.  Afterwards, hardy invites Elias for a challenge.  

Rubric: 2

Jeff Hardy defeated Elias

I am confused on why this match is ongoing.  The storyline had its chapter closed.  In Smackdown, Elias was targeted by a hit and run.  He still does not know the truth.  In reality, we do not know if the creative team remember the incident.  Both superstars deserve a much greater and better storyline and match.  

Rubric: 1

Sheamus & Keith Lee defeated The Miz and John Morrison

Sheamus and Lee seemed to have a great chemistry.  However, the feeling at the end does not have a great taste as Sheamus' ego can disrupt a possibility of a dominant tag team.  They were able to put away Miz and Morrison.  

Rubric: 3

Keith Lee defeated Sheamus

After the commercial, Lee and Sheamus did not take long to battle each other and settle their differences once and for all.  Lee powerbombs Sheamus for the victory.  

Could this be a possibility that Lee and Sheamus can finally put all ends to rest and actually become a legit tag team?  I believe so.  It has its similarities to Cesaro when Sheamus battled seven matches that ended in a 3-3-1 tie.  If I were the Hurt Business, I would trend lightly.  

Rubric: 4

T-Bar defeated Xavier Woods

Woods had the dominance in the match.  But the distraction of Retribution did not allow Woods to win the match.  It is unfortunate that the match had to be this way.  With Kofi Kingston listed as injured,  Woods will be competing in singles competition.  Woods looked great and has a potential to become a champion.  However, all the belts in WWE are in a storyline.  But, there is one thing to consider - Retribution is looking for a huge fight.  Imagine if Ricochet can fill in the void from Kingston and team up with Woods?  We could see a tag team match for next week.  

Bobby Lashley (C) defeated Riddle

Lashley applied the full nelson and the referee did see the tap out from Riddle.  Therefore, Lashley remains as the United States Champion.  

Riddle wins by DQ over MVP

MVP kept instigating on Riddle throughout the weeks.  Riddle called out MVP for the match after suffering a loss.  MVP was soon seeking defeat when Lashley attempted to interfere.  Riddle kicked Lashley.  After Riddle applied his signature move, Lashley speared Riddle.  Both Lashley and MVP assaulted Riddle.   

This storyline will continue to build.  At the closing of their feud, I believe Riddle will earn and win the United States Championship.  For now, expect Riddle and Lashley to dance in the Royal Rumble.  

Rubric: 3

AJ Styles defeated Drew Gulak

Styles is already in the Royal Rumble.  However, Gulak needed a win to qualify for the Royal Rumble.  Unfortunately, he was not able to succeed.  Styles dropped the Phenomenal forearm and got the three count.  

Rubric: 3

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax defeated Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Rubric: 2

Randy Orton vs Triple H