WWE RAW Results and Reaction



Drew McIntyre, WWE Champion, addressed his issues about what had happened last week. Seth Rollins attacked Drew after the main event match with U.S. Champion Andrade. McIntyre issued a challenge to Rollins, placing the WWE Championship title on the line at Money in the Bank (MITB).

However, the Scottish Psychopath, rudely interrupted by Zelina Vega and crew. Andrade tried a sneak attack that backfired and received a knockout claymore.

Reaction: I thought that having McIntyre focus on Rollins is more beneficial than having Drew get into a feud with Vega and crew. Andrade has not defended the United States title in a very long time. Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, R-Truth, or Shelton Benjamin have no storyline. Any of those superstars can dance with Andrade.

Aleister Black defeated Austin Theory.

Black and Theory performed very well as both squared off with great tactics. Black's second attempt to execute the black mass brought the victory and the clinch to the MITB Corporate Ladder Match.

Reaction: The match had a distraction when Zelina Vega had to make a comment that took me to an image. She asked, "Who doesn't like a woman on top? Vega has been on fire two weeks straight in her commentary. In focusing back to the match, Black deserves to be in MITB.

Shayna Baszler defeated Indi Hartwell.

Baszler's aggression to her competition is flawless. She has no remorse nor cares who is across from her. Bazler fails to follow referees instructions and at some time, the authority must intervene or give Baszler another match with Becky Lynch.

Last week, Baszler shattered Sarah Logan's elbow. Tonight, she broke Hartwell's arm. How long will we see this type of action? If the authority or anyone does not intervene, a loss of superstars will happen.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander defeated Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink. Ricochet and Alexander are a team to be reckoned with, except the Viking Raiders. They provide speed and electricity to get you off your seat. With more matches together, they can be contenders for the RAW tag team titles.

Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane.

It was insane for Kairi to ask for a rematch. It was the same outcome.

Apollo Crews defeated MVP

MVP is an older version of himself. He looks the same, but he does not have the moves as before. A person like him should not be going up against Crews. On the other side, Crews took time to finish off MVP to clinch his way to MITB. He joins Black and Daniel Bryan.

Liv Morgan defeated Ruby Riott.

Morgan executed a face plant on Riott off the ropes for the surprising win. Whatever the difference that Riott has towards Morgan, it did not help her cause be losing to her. For Morgan, it is a great win and a chance to move forward and seek another opponent.

In the takeaway, talking about someone and not back up your statement only elevates the other person. And if that happens, your character depletes.

Rey Mysterio defeated Buddy Murphy.

A shocking win I may say on Mysterio winning the match. Rey dislocated his finger, and Murphy put a lot of pressure to almost winning the match. However, Mysterio executed the destroyer that set up the 619. He hit his finishing move with the frog splash for the win. Mysterio clinches a spot to MITB.

Reaction: I did not believe Mysterio would win. Murphy looked like a perfect candidate to match against Crews and Black. However, WWE has other things in mind for Murphy. Maybe, Murphy will return and be Rollin's puppet.

Charlotte defeated Kayden Carter.

The NXT Women's Champion finds herself in RAW again. She squared off with Carter and won convincingly. Being NXT Champion, you would wonder why Charlotte remains active on RAW. The purpose of the victory is to wrestle in NXT, Wednesdays.

Io Shirai is the number one contender for the NXT title. There is no word on when the match will happen or any promos of such. Maybe we will be able to see a development this Wednesday.

Andrade defeats Akira Tozawa.

From being claymore by Drew McIntyre earlier in the show, Andrade had enough in the tank to win against Tozawa. Tozawa looked dominant from the start, but Vega's distraction changed things around. The "Brillante Driver" did the finish.

Reaction: In each match, Andrade seems to lose a step. The window is near the end of this title reign.

Bianca Belair defeated Santana Garrett.

Belair had her first official singles match on RAW with the Street Profits watching from the commentator seats.

Reaction: I am curious as to see Charlotte and Belair. The two had their history in NXT. The phrase "You do not belong here" comes to mind. That is because Charlotte is the NXT Champion and Belair is officially on RAW. However, neither have a storyline with each other. It would be great to see them in action.

Drew McIntyre defeated Angel Garza.

McIntyre came into the match outnumbered by Vega's crew. Andrade and Theory looking from outside the ring while Garza maltreated Garza. The Scottish Psychopath handled his business and wiped out the three men and went on in a claymore spree.

Reaction: It looks good for Drew to win and be active. I hope his constant presence does not wear him off or the fans. Drew vs. Seth is official for MITB main event.