WWE Summerslam 2021 Main Event Bold Prediction


"Roman Reigns will beat the hell out of me at Summerslam.  But I also know that Roman Reigns will lose at Summerslam and there's not a dam thing he can do about it," said John Cena.  And if that statement was bold enough, Cena may have told the WWE Universe exactly what is going to happen at the main event.  How can this prediction be so true?  How can it happen?  Well, Baron Corbin stole the Money in the Bank briefcase from Big E after his loss to Kevin Owens.  Finn Balor was nowhere to be found on Friday and he had let his frustration known that he will do whatever he can to get at John Cena and Roman Reigns a week prior, only to get ambushed by the Usos and Reigns.  Therefore, here is my answer to the following questions:

History will take place at Allegiant Stadium in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada.  Should Roman Reigns win, he will extend his title reign to 352 days.  And if Cena wins, he will become the first ever 17-time World Champion, first time to hold the WWE Universal Championship.  Either winner will be surprised with Finn Balor's attack.  That will bring out Baron Corbin to attempt to cash in but fail from Balor or Big E.  The Usos may play a role in this should Reigns win.  If so, the Street Profits can intercept and throw off the tag team champions and allow Big E to shock the world and become the new Universal Champion.  

There are so many scenarios that can happen especially that there is one more Raw and Smackdown episodes before Summerslam.  I know that this prediction can be wild but is it not what Summerslam is all about?  

Summerslam History

In 2013, Randy Orton cashed in his MITB briefcase with the help of Triple H.  The Authority was born and Daniel Bryan's celebration on beating Cena for the WWE Championship was short lived.  In 2000, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian had their first official Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.  And in 1991, Randy Savage and Elizabeth were married in front of a full capacity crowd.  I am sure there were more history events in Summerslam but the point is that there will be something new to talk about years later about this year's event.  

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