WWE SummerSlam Canceled in Boston


WBUR News reported that the city of Boston would not be holding large gatherings this summer. Boston, the city where WWE Summerslam is supposed to take place on August 23, 2020, at the TD Garden. "Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Friday announced there would be no large gatherings in the city this summer, citing the ongoing need to protect against the spread of the coronavirus." No more than 10 people or a drawn crowd should not be planned. The plan for the city's opening for large gatherings will most likely take place on Labor Day, September 7, 2020. Therefore, Summerslam canceled, and WWE Vince McMahon will have to execute an alternate plan as he did for Wrestlemania 36.

New England Coronavirus deaths rose over 8,000 as of today, but reports suggest that the pandemic is beginning to decrease each day. As every media outlet and all government officials have stated, it is better to stay home.

There are no reports from WWE of what has inspired the mayor of Boston. Hopefully, the wrestling community knows soon enough on what to expect for Summerslam.