XFL Cancels Operations


Its all over social media and a big surprise of what it was suppose to be the most productive league than any other that tried to size up towards the NFL.  On the morning of April 10, XFL suspends operations and laid off nearly all their staff.  The XFL owner Vince McMahon made a statement: "Given the unvertainty of the current environment, the XFL has suspended operations and is evaluating next steps."

The XFL was forced to end the season early due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The league was entering week 6 in which the league was gaining attendance and more attention.  The league did promise that the XFL would return for 2021.  Unfortunately, XFL CEO Jeffrey Pollack announced to the employees that it was not going to happen.  

The league did not state that they were going out of business.  Although, many were to believe that is the reason.  The staff do not think that the league will ever come back.  Back in February 2020, ESPN reported that McMahon would spend $500 million to reboot the league's first three seasons.  He sold $100 million of WWE stock.  Wrestling Observer Radio and Ringside News reported that McMahon was expected to lose $375 million during the XFL relaunch.  XFL's short season may had done more damage financially in order to keep loving the game of football.