XFL Ready for Season Debut


The Super Bowl is over and usually, we say goodbye until August. Two different leagues have attempted to start a football season after the NFL and have failed. The XFL (2020) has brought light to all the football fans as they get ready to start their new season this Saturday.

The XFL is owned by Vince McMahon's Alpha Entertainment and is stationed at Stamford, Connecticut. Jeffrey Pollack is the President and Oliver Luck is the Commissioner. The league will follow a similar structure from 19 years ago starting with eight teams. IN announcing the reforming XFL, McMahon made it clear that the league will be all about the fans and will not rely on professional wrestling entertainment to be in the way.

Here are the eight teams that will represent the XFL:

Western Conference

Dallas Renegades

Houston Roughnecks

Los Angeles Wildcats

Seattle Dragons

Eastern Conference

DC Defenders

New York Guardians

St. Louis Battlehawks

Tampa Bay Vipers

The league will consist of 10-week regular-season games with a two-week playoff. Four games will be played each weekend (2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday).

The XFL created rule changes that are tremendously different than the NFL and NCAA football. The goal is to eliminate safety issues, create exciting and faster gameplay that will entertain all the fans.


The show "All 4 Downs" is an unofficial podcast that will cover the games each week. The podcast will be broadcast live on Facebook.com/all4downs and edited on all podcast streaming applications. The XFL is giving us (the fans) a voice that is heard. With our involvement and your feedback, we can give strong feedback on the game and the entire league. We are anticipating the experience and how this new XFL will shape in the long term.