Zayn turns on Reigns and the Bloodline


The undisputed WWE universal champion Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in the main event of the Royal Rumble.  But the aftermath was the test on Sami Zayn to remain with the bloodline.  The big test was for Zayn to strike Kevin Owens, while handcuffed to the ropes, with the steel chair.  Ultimately, Zayn went with his conscience and disobeyed the Tribal Chief's command.  He turned his back on the Bloodline with a signature move by smacking Reign's back with the chair.  Zayn apologized to Jey Uso for his action and soon thereafter, received the beating from the Bloodline (Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa).  Jey, shocked from what conspired, left the ring.  

What could possibly happen next?  There are several scenarios that can happen for Friday Smackdown.  First, I do predict that Sami Zayn will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.  It has that vibe that Zayn, rising popularity within the storyline, makes sense to go head-to-head with the Tribal Chief.  It similar to when Daniel Bryan challenged the authority.  However, there is the Elimination Chamber premium that is scheduled for February.  Could Zayn compete against Reigns or will Jey Uso acknowledge Reigns' false aggression and challenge him to a match?  

The biggest key to all this is Paul Heyman.  How will the special counsel guide or mentor the Tribal Chief to get things in order?  I would acknowledge that Heyman can be on the hot seat.  He is not blood and/or family.  Overall, Roman Reigns has been out of control with his anger.  It is not a KO problem or a Zayn issue.  Reigns has his own demons to battle as he is quick to lose control with his outburst anger.  

Lastly, to add more to Reigns' problems, Cody Rhodes is the royal rumble winner.  He will go on Monday Night Raw and announce that he will go after the WWE Championship.  

Cody Rhodes Royal Rumble winner
Cody Rhodes Royal Rumble winner