Zelina Vega Returning to WWE?


Many sources across the wrestling community are confirming that Zelina Vega will be returning to the WWE. Marc Middleton, from Wrestling INC, stated in his report that Vega was spotted at the Performance Center where she was being filmed with Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The WWE released Vega in November 2020 due to alleged violations on third-party platforms. Vega, real name, Thea Megan Trinidad Budgen, had tweeted her support for unionization in professional wrestling. Should Vega return to WWE, there would have to be a mutual agreement within the contract on this matter.

Vega's husband, Aleister Black, is currently wrestling on Smackdown. Vega's return would be predictably epic as her career was starting to launch to high levels.

Do you think Vega will return? If so, which brand? Let me know your thoughts.