Women's Intercontinental Championship: Round 1 Part 3 of 3


This is Part three of three in the Women's Intercontinental Championship Fantasy Tournament. If you missed parts 1 and 2, click within the parenthesis (PART 1 of 3) PART 2 of 3). Here is Round 1, Part 3 of 3 of the fantasy tournament.

Round 1 Part 3 of 3

Opening Match is the Fatal 4 Way

Piper Nivens (Scotland)

Alba Fyre (Scotland)

Thea Hail (USA)

Charlotte Flair (USA)

In this match, many will bet that Charlotte will win this match. However, going back to NXT during the pandemic, Charlotte lost her NXT title in a triple threat. She is surrounded by NXT superstars but in a fatal-4-way. In WWE, Charlotte has her way. But the young superstars in NXT can outnumber her and disadvantage her. The Hail is new to the game and may do well, but more is needed. Alba Fyre has a history with Piper Nivens, defeating her many times. The outcome may be different from what bettors may place in this match.

Alba Fyre wins.

Gauntlet match

In order:

Kayden Carter (USA)

Chelsea Green (Canada)

Jacy Jayne (USA)

Nikkita Lyons (USA)

The match starts with Carter vs. Green.

Carter is 3-2 against Green in singles competition. This is why Carter wins this match.

Carter defeats Jayne. Although they never engaged in a singles match, Carter has the upper hand being a tag team champ and able to take the belt from Jayne and her partner (Toxic Attraction).

Lyons defeats Carter. Carter has an advantage in a tag-team match. But Lyons has the upper hand as she has defeated Carter head-to-head.

Nikkita Lyons wins.

Fatal 5-Way

Alexa Bliss (USA)

Aleah James (England)

Raquel Rodriguez (USA)

Iyo Sky (Japan)

Stevie Turner (England)

All 5 superstars are worthy of being champions. But only one can advance. According to PWI, Iyo Sky, Alexa Bliss, and Raquel Rodriguez are ranked high in their prime. In 2022, Rodriguez ranked 85, higher than Bliss and Sky. Bliss is 8-6 in fatal matches. Sky is 2-1. All others have one or no experience in a fatal stipulation match.

Iyo Sky has defeated Alexa Bliss head-to-head. Raquel defeated Sky for the NXT Championship.

Raquel Rodriguez wins.

Gauntlet match

Bianca Belair (USA)

Ivy Nile (USA)

Tamina (USA)

Dana Brooke (USA)

Cora Jade (USA)

Jade defeated Nile

Jade defeated Brooke

Jade defeated Tamina

Belair defeated Jade

Bianca Belair wins.

Triple threat Main event

Sol Ruca (USA)

Tegan Nox (Wales)

Michigan (USA)

Tegan Nox wins.